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Swag Bag (2 options)

Swag Bag (2 options)


A small box packed with a selection of JC swag!

Two options available

Swag Bag includes:
JC stamped drawstring bag -- 100% cotton tan colored bag with brown ink
JC stamped sunglasses 
JC stamped mini sharpie -- Magenta colored ink
JC stamped mini tape measure -- measures up to 60 inches and perfect for getting exactly 1m relief off an O.B. line
JC logo sticker (3" diameter) 

Big Swag Bag
-Includes everything above PLUS
2 JC patches -- 1 small (1"x2") and 1 large (2"x4")

1 autographed James Conrad DGPT Player Card -- year may vary but many are from 2019. 

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